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Trumpland (No for real this time). 

Since 2008 and the financial crisis, a lot of people have been jumping between political parties. Going against the traditionally strong and against the establishment. Europe, following the bailouts in the peripheral countries and some central governments, voted right wing. If they voted left wing as the did in Greece, they were forced to implement right wing austerity policies. This had a knock on affect. People no longer took politicians or their parties for what they campaigned on. Trust, or what remained of it, died out.
What we have been witnessing since 2008 is a continuous shaking of the political table. The pieces are yet to settle.
As in Britain, the Tories offered the public a chance to attack the establishment, they diverted the anger from themselves onto the European Project and now what we have is Brexit. The UK has voted to leave the European Project. The question remains, have they solved the underlining problems that caused the anger?? very unlikely. We could now have a more fractured Europe and even a broken up U.K.,
In the United States, Obama ran his 08 campaign on ‘change’. The change he offered was a new America, a fairer America, a more equal America, an America were African Americans would be treated equally (finally). Obama has done a lot but not what the voters wanted. The crash upset the working classes of the United States, it angered the elderly and typically the Republicans wanted ‘their’ country back. When you eliminate money or at least a great chunk of it from the pockets of citizens they become more political, more involved because as individuals, they now have a reason to be involved. Restoration of resources, of pay, health benefits, public services and so on.
Today, a business tycoon, whom encourages racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and most other phobias has just won the White House. It didn’t happen in the last 18 months but it was a much longer process that began through the 80s and maybe longer. Today is just the result of that process. It was as much of a vote against the establishment than it was a vote for Donald Trump. If the establishment fails to change with society, then society will change the establishment.

The Push to Establish. 


It’s near the end of September and I think this will be a good time to update you on where I’m at. I have just begun my postgraduate studies in the University College Dublin at The Clinton Institute in American politics and foreign policy. It is an unbelievably fascinating course, especially the classes on which I learn about the foundation of American political tradition and the foundation of American foreign policy. It gives me a much better understanding of the American psyche and why you always hear about American exceptionalism.

As it is September, that means I’m back coaching rugby. It just kicked off and we have played two games, one was a cup and the other was a league game. We have lost both games, although we have greatly improved game after game. We have narrowed our losing margin and improved our overall team performance an

d individual player development which is always a great thing. We are going into our second league game this weekend against an old rival and we hope that we can get together this week and put in a good win and propel ourselves up to the top of the league. We know that the months ahead will get dark, cold and wet and these are the tough months, they require a certain type of commitment and without that commitment these months can easily become the worst months of the season. If we can fight through these months with a number of wins, it will set us up very well for the new year.

Other updates…

Book 1 – I\m Just about to begin reading ‘George C Herring: from colony to superpower’ it’s a required reading for my studies.

Book 2 – Noam Chomsky, Imperial Ambitions Which I have being reading on and off over the summer.

Thanks for reading, liking and sharing. I’ll try follow up with a mid October post.

Latest Update

Finally!!!! after one year doing my portfolio and three more years in the National College of Art and Design, my undergraduate studies are now complete.I am now a holder of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art.

My next step is to go to the University College Dublin and study American Politics and Foreign Policy. As far back as I can remember I have had two major interests, the first is art and the second is politics. I decided that I would study both, my undergraduate in Art and my postgraduate in Politics.

So here I am, looking for some opportunities in employment that will cater for the flexibility that the postgraduate requires. Ideally the work would be relevant but sure you can’t ask for too much. I had an interview for a job yesterday and now I have to wait to hear back. I just hope I can take it and mange my postgraduate studies and the job together, otherwise I’ll be screwed.

Wish me luck.

My way, BA, MA.

Latest update…..

As off May the 31st, my final year in the National College of Art and Design has all come down to this final year assessment. As the new 3rd year degree class, we the 3rd years have been assessed and now we all await for our results which are expected some time after the 17th of June.

I have been studying fine art for the past 3 years and I have recently accepted a conditional offer to study an MA in American Politics and Foreign Policy. The two things that have interested in me while growing up were art and politics. The likes of Alfredo Jaar would be a huge influence on me and how he represented the Rwandan Genocide. In terms of politics,  It wasn’t specifically american politics that I was interested in but then the US lead invasion of Iraq woke me up to international politics. I came across people like Noam Chomsly, Norman Finklestein, Robert Fisk and others. When I read books from these people I use them to widen my view and understanding of the world.

It is because of all of this that I have chosen art and now politics as a path to follow as I believe they both benefit one another. Political art, political commentary, visual representations of theory and visual representations of current events has and is a good way to engage people from all sectors of society.

As my results come out and other things develop, I will continue to update.

Thanks for reading.

Season Finale

The end is here, the rugby season has finished and what have we got to show for it other than the injuries? Well, we actually won a cup. We had an up and down season, partly our own doing but other factors were at play on and off the field.

We won the final game of the cup comfortably  27-12. There were some great performances, tries and tackles by individuals but overall it was one of those games that required a team effort and it was produced. After two or three difficult seasons this was a very positive season.

We hope to take the positives from this season into preseason and once again repeat ourselves by trying to perform well in the league and cups for 2016/17.

This is a very short update.

Francesco Tuccio, The Lampedusa Cross

The last post I published which related to my current college work was in relation to Syria, refugees and structures/shelter.

I was listening to BBC Newshour one night and I came across a news piece about Frencesco Tuccio and how he had made crosses from the wreckage of boats that the refugees had used to cross the Mediterranean. I found this very interesting, not only did he use his carpentry skills to create an object but the object itself and how it related to the refugee crisis in a very real physical way.

A cross was commissioned by the British Museum

LAMPEDUSA 20-10-2013 Franco Tuccio. (Skorpionpress)/. 









Click here to see a link to a press release from the British Museum.