News headlines from around the world…

News headlines from around the world.


  • Senegal closes border closure with Guinea.
  • A woman who was gang-raped and burned in her house tells a DR Congo war crimes trial she saw an army colonel give the orders.
  • 33 people dead and 41 injured after two tourist buses collide in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.


  • Syrian conflict death toll has risen above 191,000 according to the UN.
  • 18 suspected informants killed by Hamas.
  • Israel kills top Hamas commanders.


  • General Prayuth Chan-ocha named Prime Minister of Thailand
  • 20 Malaysian passengers arrived back in Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia observed a national day of mourning.


  • Davutoglu named Turkeys new Prime Minister.
  • Russian convoy crosses border into Ukraine without Permission.
  • Moroccan authorities raid camp of migrants waiting to cross into Spain.

Latin America

  • US court rules Argentinian debt plan illegal.

US and Canada

  • Fed chair Janet Yellen cautious in speech.
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This Weeks news headlines so far…



  • America and its deep racial divides continue to spill out onto the streets of Ferguson as Police and protesters continue to clash after the shooting dead of Michael Brown (18).
  • The United States Attorney General, Eric Holder is visiting Ferguson today. Updates of his visit can be found on the Guardian Website. (
  • Germany set to arm Kurdish troops. 
  • Israel and Hamas return to armed conflict as 10 days of calm end. 
  • US react strongly to the news that American journalist James Foley has been murdered by ISIS. 
  • Russia close four McDonald’s for sanitary reason but most believe its part of the new sanctions war between Russia and the west.
  • Another possible Ebola case in California, USA. 
  • 85 Nigerian hostages, who were held by Boko Haram have been rescued by Chadian troops. 
  • Heavy rains causing Landslides, kill 27 in Japan. 
  • Iceland’s Bardabunga volcano rumbles. 
  • Wiki leaks, Julian Assange has said he will leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, ‘soon’. 
  • 35 people found in Container at a London Dock, one adult male declared Dead at the scene. 
  • Iraq retakes Mosul Dam. 
  • Brazilian presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos killed in Plane Crash. 



- Listen to ‘Democracy Now!’ which is doing a live segment from the streets of Ferguson.

- Newshour (BBC) podcast 

All available on the app ‘tunein Radio’ for IOS and Android. 

by Jonathan Myers 

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March for Palestine Dublin.

A small number of photos from today’s March for Palestine in Dublin, Ireland.













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Sky photography

Below are just two of many photos I’ve taken of stars. Due to cloudy nights I’m limited to what I can do.

If you Like them please share and comment and follow my blog.



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Photos from the weekend.

I took these photographs so I could get to know my nikon D3100. If you like them, click like and share. Don’t be afraid to comment. 



CSC_0215 CSC_0274  CSC_0277




DSC_0343 DSC_0357 DSC_0361 DSC_0371 DSC_0400 DSC_0404

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Angel (poem)

Since the day that you were gone
She changed her ways but they were wrong
No one loves her so she says
But that’s a lie her kids will tell
There is pain within her heart
There is gain near and far
But she’ll be ok
For you are her angel.

By Jonathan Myers v

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Information and responsibility.

I remember spending 3 weeks in France learning about globalisation and many things associated with that. Homes being destroyed, land being taken, families being separated, workers being under paid and many many more things. I then continued to read and become interested and concerned with similar things from around the world. After all if this you have to ask yourself a question!

Was and is it worth knowing all of this ? Has this information made my life a bit more miserable?

My answer is, as of now no it’s not worth knowing and yes it has made my life a bit more miserable.

All I have felt since is more sadness when I come across these stories. I feel, the changes that are needed in the world to help everyone that needs it, the change needs to be monumental and can only be lead from those in positions of power. Corporate or political power.

The only problem with this is that those in them positions are useless and short sighted. Either working for political popularity or working towards a larger profit margin.

We can only hope that by the time the world decides to change it won’t be too late!….

Jonathan Myers.

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